Monday, 31 December 2012

Asda 3 Pack of tights - Star Buy of the Week

I literally live in tights and shorts (don't we all in these times?) and finding a decent pair of tights that:

Keep my legs warm

Don't ladder easily        

And are opaque enough to hide my "winter legs"

My mum actually suggested these and brought some to try as I'd previously been buying Primark tights and they last barely five minutes, even the thick ones.

These Asda tights feel really soft and comfortable and are pretty durable!

I own a pair of boots that constantly rub against my tights and ladder them, but these tights haven't laddered yet (touch wood) and when I got a hole in them they lasted a whole day of sixth form without laddering and I managed to patch them up when I got home.

They're £4 for 3pairs and definitely worth the money!

These should definitely be on your New Year's purchase list.

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