Saturday, 29 December 2012

Boxing Day Sales - War of the Shoppers

First if all I wish everyone a Happy Christmas but for now we're gunna have to put Christmas to one side (sorry Santa!) and focus my second favourite day of the year (favourite day obviously being Christmas)...


I should really state that is actually the Boxing Day to Mid-January period that's my favourite time of year as this is when everything dirty cheap!


I'll scream it from the rooftops if I have to!

This year I didn't get a chance to go shopping on Boxing Day as I didn't get paid until the 28th (Boo) but I did go shopping on the 28th and bagged myself a few goodies from Topshop and Primark! 

First off we have (drum roll please)

Sparkly Gold Ankle Boots from Primark

£18  £6!
That's right these bad boys are SIX QUID! I clocked them a while ago after seen a friend sporting a pair and waited patiently for them to fall in price, because thrifty buying takes a lot of patience! Originally they went down to £12 but patience certainly paid off as I paid a third of the original price! Definitely one of my best buys of the year!

Topshop Black and White Striped Shorts

£32  £15

These were a real impulse buy but it certainly paid off as they look fabulous on! I love them, they're high waisted and will look kick-ass with a pair of Henry Holland patterned tights and either ankle boots or heeled lace ups.

Topshop Embroidered Shorts 
£35  £20
I have wanted these for absolutely ages but I'm always reluctant about paying Topshop's extortionate prices so this is the first place I go for the sales because I know you always get massive bargains! I really wanted the matching jacket too but I haven't seen it for ages and I didn't see it in the sale, so I was pretty gutted. These are beautiful on and I am a massive fan of any embroidery.

Topshop Velvet Leggings

£20  £12

Yet again Patience really is a virtue as I waited for these to lower in price and even had a picture of them saved on my computer! I love Velvet as it's very on trend for this season and I love the grey/black tie-dye tones and the tiny little studs. As expensive as Topshop leggings are, they are really worth it as I brought a scarf print pair and they have lasted ages and keep my legs nice and warm (unlike other leggings I have bought). They also do these leggings in burgundy and black.

Primark Floral Skirt 

£7  £5
This skirt was originally one of those fishtail skirts that have been suffocating the high street since 2011 but I worked my thrifty magic and evened out the hem. Like the embroidered shorts, I was reluctant to buy this but after watching Cabaret (with Liza Minnelli, of course) I noted that I could combine it with a black turtleneck to create an outfit similar one she wears in a short scene. It was only a fiver and didn't take me too long to hem it! 

Primark Jumper and Skirt Outfit

Jumper £12  £7    Skirt £7 £5
Although the clashing patterns trend is very S/S 12 I still really like it as not many people dare to try it, I feel that although these pieces clash, they clash nicely. I added the neon necklace which is also from Primark but from years ago and I forgot the price (£2?) I wear this with plain black tights and boots.

I didn't buy that much this year but then again most of the trends I like are this season so I'll have to wait until the next sales to buy all that!

Hope everyone has a great New Year and don't let the shopping bags get ya down!

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