Monday, 10 December 2012

Gather your parasols, Ladies and Gents!

Giles : Source - by GoRunway
Giles : Source - by GoRunway

Temperley London : Source - by GoRunway

 The 1800's called and they want their clothing back!

A fashion trend close to my heart, having always been fascinated with the Victorian/Edwardian times, this season's trend is the more classical Gothic look compared to the harsh studs and leather we've seen pounding the runway and high street recently. Say goodbye to the harsh Gothic textures of leather and PVC suede and trade in for for velvet and lace, with soft chiffons and cottons . Tune in to your inner vampire with dark blue, black and berry coloured velvets, teamed with lashings of lace to really rock the Edwardian trend! Add gold or silver jewellery to double your A/W trend points by dipping into the baroque trend. To really give this look a pop, add red or berry colours.

To achieve the look, focus on teaming soft whites or pale creams with harsh blacks and dark blues, mixing textures such as chiffon or soft cotton with velvet or suede. For that added Edwardian look, don a pair of black or white lace gloves (available on eBay for around £2-3). Accessorise blacks and blues with beautiful gold and silver brooches, rings, pocket watches and necklaces and if the vampire look is your style, add shocking silver skull jewellery. Wear a bowler, baker boy or pork pie hat to achieve the look of a pro'a British gent!

Shockingly pale faces teamed with dark lips and eyes makes this look eloquently romantic and beautifully chic!

If you're going for the vintage-rather-than-new direction, head over to where they have a section labelled RUSSIAN ROCOCO with tons of vintage and recreated garments perfect for this season's trend!
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While sporting this trend it's advisable not to go hanging around any churches, abbeys or graveyards, we wouldn't want to encourage the villagers to go chasing after us with crucifixes and cloves of garlic now would we?

Coat: Primark -£20.00
Trousers: Debenhams-£12.00
Shoes: Debenhams - £8.00
Shirt: Charity shop
Waistcoat: Charity shop - £2.99
Sunglasses: Primark - £1.00
Necklace: Charity Shop

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